5 Key Elements to Help Jumpstart Your Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be tough, but these days there are five key elements you should establish to ensure that the rest of your wedding planning goes smoothly.  We’ll run through them real quick right here so you can get back to your planning.

Pick out your wedding theme


This is important  because it sets up the rest of your planning—from the colors that you use to the dress that you wear—the theme dictates the tone of your entire wedding.  Here is a quick guide that will help open your eyes to the endless possibilities.

Colors and fonts


Believe it or not but aesthetics really plays a large role in motivating you to continually progress in your goal of achieving your perfect wedding.  This is a great flow right after you’ve figured out your theme, because this will now help guide you in picking out the right color dress for the bridesmaids as well as the colors for the groomsmen and ultimately the groom.  The Knot actually has a great assortment of tools to help you decide on the right color and get you on the right track.



Why is the venue a pinnacle area to decide?  The venue helps reinforce everything that you have decided up to this point.  Take for instance, if your theme was rustic, the only thing that would help take it to the top and reinforce your whole vision is by having your wedding at a barn, factory, vineyard, etc.  Although a banquet hall may work as well when decorated correctly, but let’s be honest, a vineyard be a great solution to give that real, rustic feel without having to create that feel in a banquet hall.

Wedding hashtag


Couples these days have pretty much grown up in the cusp of technology and with that comes social media.  So why is having a wedding hashtag important? This helps centralize all your guests posts and communication when sharing your event on Instagram or Twitter.  Whether your wedding is plugged or unplugged, guests will not miss their chance to take photos with long-time friends and families.  Give them the chance to share those special moments and connections with you—because that’s what weddings are all about—the bringing together of friends and families to celebrate a special time in your life, capturing every moment.  Look at hashtag printing companies such as Tic-Tac-Tag to help enhance your guest’s experience.

Budget… Budget… Budget


Before you get caught in your wedding fantasy, you should know your budget.  Once you know what number you need to stay within, it will help decipher how you are going to approach the wedding planning phase and where you will need roll up your sleeves and get creative with your support team (bridesmaids, groomsmen, sponsors, etc.) to get the job done.  Weddingwire has a great tool to help you get started.

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